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Google Drive is the most used cloud storage platform. A need for some minimal yet effective tool to transfer contents to and from Drive is important!

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API Development has become an essential skill for Backend Developers. Many companies also hire Developers for API Development only. Developing a REST API with Python is fairly simple as compared to other languages.


REST (REpresentational State Transfer) is an architectural style and an approach to communications that are often used in the development of Web services. The use of REST is often preferred over the more heavyweight SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) style because REST does not leverage as much bandwidth, which makes it a better fit for use over the Internet. …

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The concept of List Destructuring (aka Packing and Unpacking) is pretty nifty. You must have come across codes containing functions with these *args and **kwargs as arguments. It always used to boggle my mind, what kind of arguments are these. After some research, I got to know how wonderful they are.


Consider a function that takes 3 arguments and we have a list of size 3 with us that has all arguments for the function. If we simply pass a list to the function, the…

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The rate of cyber-attacks has increased by multi-fold in the past decade. Some common types of Cyber attacks are SQL Injection, Buffer Overflow Attacks, Denial-of-Service attacks, Session Hijacking.

Finding the right image similarity algorithm

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An Overview

There are numerous algorithms present today for this task, and depending on the use cases, the algorithms used can vary. Below are the major categories of image search engines:

  • Meta-data Based: These engines hardly consider the substance of the picture. Rather, they depend on literary signs; for example, manual comments and labeling performed by people, alongside…

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Hello World! I’m a Software Engineer. Loves toying the underlying structures of technologies in the world of zero’s and one’s.

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